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A local bus runs from the centre of Cēsis to Ērģeļu Cliffs 2-3 times per day (in 2014), thus one section can be made by bus. Observe traffic rules while on the road and in the towns. Since 2005, the pride of the park pond is the black swan couple, who love living here and rejoice the visitors with some baby swans from time to time. There is a playground for children in the park, and a skate-park nearby.

Watch your feet and keep an eye on the cliff, since the rocks are unstable and may fall down! Close to the pond, there is a sculpture “Cīņa ar kentauru” (Fighting the Centaur). The typical terrain and real (not artificial like it has been the case in some parks in Europe) castle ruins was the reason to pick this particular spot.

Mute swan pair is often seen in the pond of Cēsis Castle Park.

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The tree has been lit, the concert is over, but the best is yet to come.

Don’t miss the annual Christmas Parade in Loganville at 6 p.m. The parade route begins at the Bay Creek Church Road, along Highway 20, up Main Street Loganville and ends at the alley between Braxton’s Auction and My Sister’s Antiques.

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Public transportation Linear route with railway stations at the starting point and destination. The park was established in the 19th century, considering the trends at that time — romantic castle ruins.

Cēsis is easily accessible by regional bus and the Riga–Valga railway line. Take care (both hikers and paddlers) while watching at the cliffs. According to information, the linden trees in the park have been planted by the grandfather of the poet and translator Eduards Veidenbaums — Mr Kārlis Veidenbaums, the gardener of Cēsis Castle Manor.

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That is what is great about the Christmas season is the joy that is easily found,” said Kristy Peters, events and marketing director for the City of Loganville. 2 There will also be a concert on Friday, December 2nd beginning at p.the Rock Gym featuring the Sock Hops, who have been a favorite of locals dating back to 2013 when the idea of the Groovin’ on the Green concert series was first taking shape. 3 The City of Loganville will end its festivities with the annual Christmas parade beginning at 6 p.m. Space is still available for local businesses, civic groups, churches, school groups and other organizations to take part.

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